520d Touring. As a dad, I love almost everything about this car. The trunk holds my son's crap we have to haul around + other things + it's an awesome diaper-changing station...can't tell you enough about how convenient the Comfort Access trunk thingy is when you're holding a sleeping kid and need to put shit in the… » 7/28/13 9:58pm 7/28/13 9:58pm

Just a very rough summary of the behind the scenes...sorry for the dry translation: The beginning talks about developing the analysis system in 1985, then using it in 1986. As engineers, they wanted to know what was going on while the machine was running. By studying the data in real time and in detail, they could… » 7/26/13 3:33am 7/26/13 3:33am

I always lease every 3 years. No hassle of selling, dealers give good deals on returning customers, shaken (vehicle inspection in Japan) runs out in 3 years and costs a few thousand $ to renew, warranty just about expires, and models are usually up for a facelift or complete model change. We don't usually add a lot of… » 7/17/13 9:14pm 7/17/13 9:14pm